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    Beyond its global warming and human health impacts, palm oil production also takes a toll on biodiversity and human rights. Only about 15 percent of native animal species can survive the transition from primary forest to plantation. Among the species vulnerable to palm oil expansion are orangutans, tigers, rhinoceros, and elephants.

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    What's Driving Deforestation? | Union of Concerned Scientists

    Palm oil is used in countless processed foods and personal care products, as well as biofuels and vegetable oil. Produced largely in Southeast Asia, palm oil packs a powerful climate punch, not only because of the amount of land deforested annually (270,000 hectares in three leading countries), but also because much of this area includes the

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    Back in December, I wrote a blog post about the importance of beef as the largest driver of deforestation. The following month, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council wrote a blog on their site,, arguing that my blog proved that palm oil had been unfairly blamed for deforestation, and demanding an apology.

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    Palm Oil Production Poses Problems for the Climate

    “If the goal is to meet growing global demand for edible oils, palm oil provides the most oil volume for a given patch of land. But the Union of Concerned Scientists, annually puts out

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    How Many Products with Palm Oil Do I Use in a Day? - Union

    Palm oil in the morning. I wake up and pour a bowl of [1] Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Limited Edition Cereal: Chocolatey Almond. While not my usual breakfast, I couldn’t resist buying a box when I saw it on the shelf, since I worked for more than two years at a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory when I was in high school!

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    Sixty percent of Americans now live in regions where electric vehicles (EVs) produce fewer heat-trapping global warming emissions per mile than the most efficient hybrids, according to an updated analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Three years ago, that number was just 45 percent.

  • giant pythons keep attacking indonesian people — and palm oil

    Giant pythons keep attacking Indonesian people — and palm oil

    Scientists and snake lovers say attacks by giant pythons on people in Indonesia may be the indirect result of our global food chain's desire for palm oil.

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    Replacing natural forests with palm oil plantations vastly diminishes the ability of vegetation to capture and store carbon dioxide. It’s estimated that deforestation contributes up to 20 percent of global warming. Indonesia and Malaysia account for around 87% of global palm oil production and the demand for the cheap oil continues to grow.

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    Tell America's Biggest Brands to Use Deforestation-Free Palm Oil

    Today: Union of Concerned Scientists is counting on you. Union of Concerned Scientists needs your help with “Tell America's Biggest Brands to Use Deforestation-Free Palm Oil”. Join Union of Concerned Scientists and 47,193 supporters today. Sign this petition

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    Palm Oil Is in Everything, and It’s Hurting More Than the

    The Union of Concerned Scientists estimated in 2013 that 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from tropical deforestation. These impacts have proven hard to combat, in part because palm oil is rarely the end commodity.

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    Momentum Builds for Deforestation-Free Palm Oil (Op-Ed

    To help accelerate this change, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) recently released a scorecard grading the palm-oil sourcing commitments of 30 top companies in the packaged food, fast food

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    Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It

    Jeremy Martin, a fuel-policy expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, said that before Searchinger’s research was published, the significance of land-use change had been dismissed. “It