new canola varieties for the 2020 crop year grainews

  • new canola varieties for the 2020 crop year | grainews

    New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year | Grainews

    When Grainews asked seed companies about their new canola offerings for 2020, they came up with a list of 24 new varieties! And, keep in mind, these are only the varieties that are brand new for 2020. You might still be investigating new offerings from 2019 and 2018 as well.

  • new soybean varieties for 2020 | grainews

    New soybean varieties for 2020 | Grainews

    New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year. Keep in mind, this list only includes varieties that are new to the market for 2020. Subscribe to the Grainews daily

  • how to select the right canola variety for your farm

    How to select the right canola variety for your farm

    Canola is one of the most popular crops in Canada. In 2015, there were 19.8 million acres seeded to canola. It generates one quarter of all farm cash receipts in the country and every year, over 40,000 farmers make the decision to seed canola, and select the variety to grow. […]

  • grainews q&a: new variety selection | nutrien ag solutions

    Grainews Q&A: New variety selection | Nutrien Ag Solutions

    For example, some canola varieties have genes with Sclerotinia resistance and some cereal varieties have enhanced defenses against Fusarium. Selecting seed varieties with extra defense against insect pressure is also a consideration. Many cereals have added protection against wheat midge or sawfly which can affect yield and quality.

  • two new nexera varieties | manitoba co-operator

    Two New Nexera Varieties | Manitoba Co-operator

    Dow AgroSciences is introducing two new Nexera canola NX4 varieties this spring. NX4-106 RR is a Roundup Ready(R) variety and NX4-205CL is a Clearfield(R) variety. The new NX4-106 RR is suitable for growers in mid-to short-season zones.

  • february 2020 – crop protection canada

    February 2020 – Crop Protection Canada

    With expected profitability on the eastern Prairies equalling competing crops in 2020, Scoular’s Robert Deraas expects to see more farmers look at the crop again. “It’s going to turn around dramatically,” said Deraas about North American acreage, which has fallen from more than 700,000 acres at one time to just about 150,000 last year

  • crusher planned for montana will handle organic canola

    Crusher planned for Montana will handle organic canola

    The company has stocks of canola and flax from the 2018 and 2019 crop years, but next month it will start contacting farmers about 2020 production, Hager said. Hager didn’t share the price offered to growers of organic and non-GM canola.

  • oilseed sector waits for high-oleic market growth | farmtario

    Oilseed sector waits for high-oleic market growth | Farmtario

    There are also a couple of new entrants — Benson Hill and Calyxt have developed non-GM varieties that have high oleic levels in the 80-per cent range. Jansen thinks U.S. farmers will plant 500,000 acres of high oleic soybeans this year and the long-term target has been adjusted to somewhere between three million and 18 million acres.

  • agropages-new cereal varieties for 2015-agricultural news

    AgroPages-New cereal varieties for 2015-Agricultural news

    New canola seed varieties for 2015 Farmers looking for a new cereal crop to slide into the rotation will have their pick of 14 new varieties, plus a winter wheat that is widely available for the first time this year.

  • top 5: february planning for growing... - canola council

    Top 5: February planning for growing... - Canola Council

    Top 5: February planning for growing season 1. Which canola varieties to put where? It would take more than a paragraph to dig into all scenarios, but clubroot-resistant (CR) varieties should...

  • why china needs canola imports | country guide

    Why China needs canola imports | Country Guide

    China is the top market for Canadian canola seed, buying just under four million tonnes through the 2016-17 crop year. China also accounted for 26 per cent of Canadian canola oil exports in that period, second to the U.S., and 19 per cent of meal exports, also second to the U.S.

  • malt barley recommendations for 2020 | alberta farmer express

    Malt barley recommendations for 2020 | Alberta Farmer Express

    The centre also has four names on its list of “promising new varieties” that are undergoing seed propagation: CDC Fraser, Lowe, CDC Churchill (all distributed by SeCan) and CDC Copper (distributed by FP Genetics). To obtain seed for one of these four, contact the distributor.