hydraulic press aluminium foil from ball to solid

  • man does the japanese aluminum foil ball to shiny sphere

    Man Does The Japanese Aluminum Foil Ball To Shiny Sphere

    This is a video of Youtuber The Action lab taking the Japanese aluminum foil ball challenge (previously posted HERE), then smashing the ball with a hydraulic press.He shot the whole ball-making process in timelapse too, so you know it's real and not fake like some people suspected.

  • crushing a japanese aluminum ball in hydraulic press

    Crushing a Japanese aluminum ball in hydraulic press

    However, does that really turn it into a solid ball of aluminum? While the mirror-polished balls look very pretty, this one is put to the test against a hydraulic press. Who would win?

  • hydraulic press channel - can you turn metal shavings into

    Hydraulic Press Channel - Can You Turn Metal Shavings into

    Can you press steel or aluminium shaving back to solid piece of metal using our 150 ton hydraulic press? Or is it going to be something like aluminium foil ball? We will find out that on this experiment!

  • hydraulic press crushes huge ball of aluminium foil and it’s

    Hydraulic Press Crushes Huge Ball Of Aluminium Foil And It’s

    This week, it is time to press aluminum foil into the completely solid piece! Now, to get this done you’ll need one extra-strong hydraulic press, the ball of aluminum foil, the lot of button-pushing patience. First, take some foil and make the huge ball of aluminum.

  • mirror-polished japanese foil ball challenge crushed in a

    Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a

    In this video I make a Japanese polished foil ball by using aluminum foil and pounding with a hammer and then polishing until it becomes a solid metal polished ball! These polished foil balls started with a Japanese jeweler who made one that appeared to have no purpose, but the nation became obsessed with it and everyone started making them! You can see what's inside an aluminum foil ball when

  • 6t hydraulic lamination hot press used in glove box suppliers

    6T Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Used in Glove Box suppliers

    6T Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Used in Glove Box . YLJ-HP60-LD is 200°C Max. compact lamination hot press consists of 6 metric ton hydraulic press with two heated platens (120x120mm area). The temperatures of the heated platens are controlled by digital temperature controller up to 200°C.