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  • how to plant an avocado tree (with pictures) - wikihow

    How to Plant an Avocado Tree (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is a perfect task for all ages 鈥?for the garden, for indoors, and also makes a great project for class or at home! This method will yield a tree that flowers, but not one that bears fruit. If you want to grow an avocado tree for fruit, it is best to purchase a grafted tree from a nursery.

  • avocado - food and agriculture organization

    AVOCADO - Food and Agriculture Organization

    Avocado is a very productive tree that delivers fruit all year-round. The two harvest periods are classified as maximum and minimum. The maximum harvest period lasts from October to January, and minimum from February to September. The yield of fruit per tree varies due to the avocado type, cultivation, and zone. An adult

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    Avocado - Kakuzi

    Avocado Packhouses At Kakuzi's Avocado Packhouse all avocados are graded to eliminate fruit with physical quality defects such as insect and wind damage, bruising and sunburn and the fruit is also weight sized. Fruit is packed into cartons with net weights of either 4 kg or bulk packs of 8 kg.

  • growing avocado fruits in india, planting methods | kisan central

    Growing Avocado Fruits in India, Planting Methods | Kisan Central

    Cultivation Practices of Avocado. Almost all the Avocado plants can be grown in all types of soils except that of the saline type because the Avocado plants can鈥檛 tolerate saline and poor quality soils. The soils which are used should be well drained and aerated. The pH level of the soil should be maintained around 5.0 鈥?7.0.

  • avocado tree - persea americana - hass, sheppard, fuete, reed

    Avocado Tree - Persea americana - Hass, Sheppard, Fuete, Reed

    A valuable commercial crop, the avocado tree thrives on rich well-drained soil. Due to flowering habits, avocado varieties are categorized into A and B groups. One variety is sufficient to produce adequate crops for the home garden, however by planting a tree from both groups the harvest will be much greater.

  • how to grow hass avocado trees | hunker

    How to Grow Hass Avocado Trees | Hunker

    The Hass avocado is named for Rudolph Hass, who planted the first one in his orchard in the 1920s, and is famous all over the world. Every Hass avocado tree is descended from one tree, which died in 2002 from root fungus. According to the California Avocado Commission, "

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    HASS AVOCADO PLANTING a) PLANTING AND BRINGING THE TREE TO BEARING When planning a new orchard, the following aspects need to be involved: soil type, climate and availability of irrigation water, management skills and cultivar to be planted. b) ORCHARD LAYOUT AND SPACING 鈥?Set in a rectangular system that allows for movement of orchard equipment between the trees for spraying and harvesting