10 big beauty trends for 2018 new beauty industry trends

  • 10 big beauty trends for 2018 - new beauty industry trends

    10 big beauty trends for 2018 - New beauty industry trends

    10 big beauty trends to watch out for in 2018. the beauty industry thrives on newness, but some movements are very significant. sex in 2018 as the growing conversations on gender impacts

  • the biggest trends in the beauty industry

    The Biggest Trends In The Beauty Industry

    The beauty industry has seen explosive growth, especially among young, independent brands. These trends are what's happening now in the industry, and these new companies are the ones exploiting

  • 10 beauty trends that will be huge in 2018, according

    10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018, According

    In 2018, get ready for even more glamour: Pinterest recently released their list of the top beauty trends they predict will be big in the upcoming year.Below, a sneak peek of the trends you’ll

  • beauty industry trends over the past 10 years

    Beauty Industry Trends Over the Past 10 Years

    So much has changed in the 10-plus years since I first started writing about hair, skin and makeup in 2005. Here are the trends I've noticed the most in the beauty industry.

  • top 10 tech trends for 2018 - forbes

    Top 10 Tech Trends For 2018 - Forbes

    As Nostradamuses everywhere whip out their crystal balls and begin their annual exercise, predicting the next Big Idea/Theme for 2018, we’re going to give you our top 10 predictions, based on a

  • biggest beauty trends 2018 | british vogue

    Biggest Beauty Trends 2018 | British Vogue

    K-beauty will make room for J-beauty. In 2017, demand for Korea’s innovative skincare and make-up products - think sheet masks infused with snail mucin and cactus, creamy compact cushions and powerful hybrid essences - continued to climb, with sales increasing 66 per cent worldwide, according to Larissa Jensen, global executive director and beauty industry analyst at NPD.

  • beauty trends 2019 - the 10 biggest beauty trends according

    Beauty Trends 2019 - The 10 Biggest Beauty Trends According

    If you want to get ahead of your beauty game for 2019, thanks to Pinterest you can. Pinterest's 100 is an edit of the biggest and best trends for the year ahead, and we delved through the stats to

  • the 10 biggest beauty trends of 2019, according to pinterest

    The 10 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2019, According to Pinterest

    Pinterest released its annual year-ahead trend report for 2019, and here are the biggest beauty trends for 2019 that the social media platform is predicting.

  • beauty industry trends 2020

    Beauty Industry Trends 2020

    We monitor beauty industry trends in 2020 across North America and Europe – from the “big picture” down to the category, geographic region, and store levels. We can even help you look for opportunities and evaluate pricing strategies.

  • 31 beauty industry statistics for every cosmetics enthusiast

    31 Beauty Industry Statistics for Every Cosmetics Enthusiast

    Makeup is the beauty industry’s most profitable branch, with over $8 billion in makeup sales, as the beauty industry trends from 2017 report. Nearly 60% of male consumers use some sort of makeup. In 2019, the fragrance branch of the beauty industry had a value of over $43.9 billion.

  • top 10 food and beverage industry trends in 2018 | technavio

    Top 10 Food and Beverage Industry Trends in 2018 | Technavio

    Here are the top 10 food and beverage industry trends that, according to our expert analysts, were prominent in 2018 and will continue into 2019. Top 10 Food and Beverage Industry Trends in 2018 1. Sustainable and local food choices. Gone are the days when exotic food shipped from another part of the world was the most sought-after.

  • 30 beauty industry statistics & facts to know in 2020

    30 Beauty Industry Statistics & Facts to Know in 2020

    According to the reports on beauty industry statistics from 2018, the European market grew by 1.3% in 2017, reaching €77.6 billion. (Premium Beauty News) These figures make Europe the biggest cosmetic market in the world.